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I will grow your RETAIL business. By filling out the form below & I will call you within 24 hours to setup a time to demo how an Apple Pay Terminal combined with Local Direct Services will grow your business by %15-30%.

For the past 10 years, my team and I have been working with independent business owners across the west coast and have seen an overall 30% increase in monthly dollars (debit/credit processing ONLY! – cash also!) across all of my accounts that have upgraded to a new Apple-Pay terminals.

UPDATE: By October, PCI compliance will require an updated Terminal with 256-bit encryption. Might as well get it for free from me right now!


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We are a small business and hate spammers. We don’t sell any information to any 3rd parties and we are not affiliated with any 3rd party advertisers or marketers. We also use 256-bit encryption on our site so your information is safe when you enter it here. We do not want ANYONE to have your information other than us. We will contact you to setup an appointment for a demo or installation, and that’s it. If you change your mind, just email me directly at to cancel your appointment and we will delete your submission from our database. Cheers to all your future success!


“The Local Direct Team has guided me through the Digital Marketing Landscape since the beginning. Their services, along with consultation has helped me grow my businesses TREMENDOUSLY over the past 3 years.”

Kenny Mack, Owner, Empowered Recreation, Renton, WA

“Local Direct has elevated my stake in the barber shop game ten-fold. Every since they installed my custom touch-screen booking kiosk my business processes have been streamlined and I can offer the greatest support tools for my barbers. The responsiveness is simply amazing”

Mike Daniels, Owner, Standing on Top Barber Shop, Bellevue, WA

“I absolutely love my e-commerce website and my new credit card machine! Thanks guys!”

Lucy McNees, Owner, Taylor Creek Nursery, Maple Valley, WA

“The Branding and service so far has been simply amazing. I will recommend this service to anyone looking for a website or payment processing solution”

Mike Kenney, Owner, Art Marble 21, Seattle, WA

Thank you for Choosing Local Direct!

gabe-jones Hi! My name is Gabe Jones. I am co-founder of Local Direct and Director of Payment Processing.

For the past 10 years I have been building Local Direct by developing long-lasting relationships with customers who trust me with their payment processing. Over the greater part of this century, I have helped business owners grow and navigate through change because I am passionate about providing the most secure payment processing technology available.

I’ve recently moved down to Los Angeles and today I am happy to offer Free Apple Pay Readers to new Local Direct accounts in Los Angeles!

I would like to personally thank you for the time and investing in your customer’s security by investing in a secure payment processing service with us.

If you have any specific questions please reach out to me personally at

Thanks and Happy Selling!

Gabe Jones, Director, Payment Processing


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