Real-time Weather Integration with CRM Data

Real-time Weather Integration with CRM Data

June 2, 2017 Data Salesforce 0

We live in a data-driven world.  With access to more online systems and information, we are constantly able to find new and creative ways to use insights from data to capture trends, logistics and risks for analysis.

More exciting is how we can use this data with our CRM.

I’ve been having some fun with Open Weather API, which allows web service calls to get Current weather and forecasts for locations all over the world. ¬†Imagine how valuable this data could be integrated into your service desk or CRM.

  • On Contact or Account Records, being able to view current weather and 5 day forecasts of your contact’s location.
  • Being able to set expectations for that client delivery, service, service outage risks based on weather.
  • Better conversations and relationships between your reps and customers.
  • Any many more benefits…

I’ll be doing some experiments with Open Weather API and Salesforce and will post my progress on this post.