Increase Sales Velocity with Communities & Salesforce Knowledge

Increase Sales Velocity with Communities & Salesforce Knowledge

May 28, 2016 Salesforce 0

Salesforce Knowledge consists of content your team can create to help customers answer their own questions either internally, public-facing or through user authenticated portals (your customer portals).

As part of Salesforce’s Service Cloud, most organizations use the Knowledge feature to assist customers with self-service to take some of the load off support teams.

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Using Knowledge for Sales

Note: Make sure you have the ability to use Salesforce Knowledge with your license

Once you’ve setup a Salesforce Community site, you and your team will be able to edit and customize content and design (I Prefer Napili as it contains the most features out of the box).

From your community Management Portal, select Administration->Login & Registration, and make sure “Allow external users to self-register” is checked, allowing anyone to join your community.

If you’re familiar with Salesforce’s Lightning App Builder, you’ll be able to quickly setup and customize your community page. Once your community is setup, make sure Knowledge is enabled for your agents and you’re ready to get started!

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Here are a few additional benefits of using Salesforce Knowledge for sales:

  • Engagement: Keep your prospects engaged with your brand directly through a site you control. You can also use videos, FAQs and info-graphics as part of your community site.
  • Transparency: Allows prospects to self research and familiarize themselves with your brand, review questions from other customers and learn about your product without contacting a rep or scheduling a demo.
  • Self-Help: Prospects can ‘ask a question’ or check the database for existing answers and search for related articles.
  • SEO: An active community with user generated content will grow your Knowledge-base exponentially and have a big time SEO benefit.
  • Marketing: Communities Lightning builder app allows you to add custom code in the header (settings->advanced->Edit Head Markup), great for Marketing automation or attribution programs like Bizible, Pardot or Google Analytics

All you need to do is keep your community knowledge-base public facing and set your knowledge base articles visible to the public(see ‘Channels’ in Article Properties below), and you’re set!

Helpful Hint: Syndicated Knowledge is a great tool by Salesforce Labs for sharing your KB on existing sites.