It’s time to rethink IT in the household

It’s time to rethink IT in the household

November 2, 2015 household IT 0

You’ve known this for a while, but your kids are IT pros.  If you’re living with kids older than the age of 5, they probably know how to surf the net and download applications to your phone or tablet.

This means your kids are more connected to the outside world than ever before.  Graphic violence, elicit content, and other threats are just one-click away and more accessible than ever before.

In addition, it’s easier than ever to share data.  With the advancement of API’s (Application Program Interfaces) it’s easier than ever for online predators can receive you and your family’s private information, do you have a facebook account?  You’re at even greater risk, as Zuckerberg announced years ago that facebook will allow 3rd party application access to all your data, as well as share your information with advertisers.  Most recently, even facebook messenger allows 3rd party applications to view your private messages.  This means, not only is your information available to whoever wants it, but your children as well.

Thirdly, hackers and data interception is becoming a large marketplace.  Sharing data on the dark web not only risk identity theft, but can risk problems related to invasion of your privacy including, personal family photos & documents, credit cards, account passwords and other valuable data.

So, what can you do to about it?

Here are some quick tips we’ve come up with to assist with protecting you and your children online:

  • Modify Privacy Settings on all your social media accounts
  • Keeping your computers updated with security patches and trusted software
  • Track your children’s search history
  • Regularly delete your internet browser cookies
  • Use secure passwords, and update your policies to force updates every 90 days if possible
  • Talk with your children about online risks

At Local Direct, we are proud to say we have consulted many families in best practices to keep themselves safe, and protected from online harm. Would you like us to come visit?  We’re happy to help!