Rebranding Best Practices: 3 Steps to Take Before Making The Leap

Discovery: 3 Crucial Steps to Take Before Launching a Re-brand  As the digital landscape becomes more and more fluid, a strong brand presence is no longer a bonus- it’s a necessity. Whether you’re completely overhauling your brand or giving it a facelift, there are crucial steps to take before allocating a budget for deliverables that…
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June 27, 2017 0

How to Use A step by step guide

Item 1 – The Export How to Export Using If you’re new to the world of data loading and Salesforce, fear not – is here. At first glance, it can be a bit intimidating, but once you’ve gone through the motions a few times it quickly becomes your best friend. “What exactly is…
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June 20, 2017 0

Real-time Weather Integration with CRM Data

We live in a data-driven world.  With access to more online systems and information, we are constantly able to find new and creative ways to use insights from data to capture trends, logistics and risks for analysis. More exciting is how we can use this data with our CRM. I’ve been having some fun with…
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June 2, 2017 0

Increase Sales Velocity with Communities & Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Knowledge consists of content your team can create to help customers answer their own questions either internally, public-facing or through user authenticated portals (your customer portals). As part of Salesforce’s Service Cloud, most organizations use the Knowledge feature to assist customers with self-service to take some of the load off support teams. Read: Implementing…
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May 28, 2016 0

It’s time to rethink IT in the household

You’ve known this for a while, but your kids are IT pros.  If you’re living with kids older than the age of 5, they probably know how to surf the net and download applications to your phone or tablet. This means your kids are more connected to the outside world than ever before.  Graphic violence,…
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November 2, 2015 0