Leap into the Digital Age

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Branding & Identity

It’s important to put your best foot forward.  Our team of designers and strategists will work closely with your teams to make sure your branding is clean so you look good across the web.


Data Administration

We take pride in meticulous management of Data.  Whether it’s a migration, clean-up or configuring syncs and automation processes, you’re in great hands with Local Direct


Marketing Strategy

We love geeking out on Marketing Strategy.  We have helped companies across all sectors develop collateral and campaigns that drive customer engagement and demand generation.



There is more data available today than ever before in history.  Let us help you make the most of the resources available and connect the dots to find wins you never knew existed.


Hit your Numbers. Get a Raise. High Fives All Around.

To us, the best feeling in the world is helping our clients succeed.  Whether that is a promotion, record-breaking sales, or finding ways to save time and money.  We’re happy to be in your corner.

The Easiest team you’ve ever Hired

This is our Mantra.  Above all else, we want to be EASIEST firm you’ve ever worked with; flexible and delivering results that help your business grow.

That’s why we’ve implemented Pay As You Go IT Services. You only pay for hours and resources you need when you need them. No huge minimums, no expiration on the hours (Starts at $450 USD).


What Our Clients Say

Reputation is Everything. The best measurement of success is a solid referral network and raving fans. Got something nice to say about us? Please share!

“Brandon has extensive IT experience and is very knowledgeable of the Salesforce.com Platform. When working with him, I found Brandon to be very professional and easy to work with. He is very passionate at what he does, has high-energy and a very versatile skill set. I recommend Brandon as he is the type of person that would add immediate value to your organization.”

User Profile
Sean Dooney
Senior Salesforce Consultant @ Mason Frank

“In a word fantastic! I started working with Brandon a few months ago and can only hand out the highest praise. We had just signed on to Pardot and didn’t have any real depth of knowledge on how to use it. He provided us training and also helped us build out our initial email campaigns. Brandon was super responsive and always patient… he provided suggestions on how to make things better or simpler.”

User Profile
Carolyn Crandall

“When I need help on special client projects, Brandon is the first person I turn to. He has provided so much guidance on everything from building custom Facebook applications, to setting up websites and even creating forms so I can collect data from customers. He is incredibly resourceful and has been absolutely invaluable.”

User Profile
Katie Ferris

Join us. It will only take a minute

The Repository

A sign of a great leader is someone who shares knowledge and wants to see others accomplish their own success. View our repository of tips, tricks and news and let us know if there is any additional beneficial content we could add to help you along your journey.

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